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Read the Blurb for Summoning a Dragon Here


Friday, February 3, 2017

Pre-order Mating of Convenience now!

I'm so excited to finally announce that Mating of Convenience (Mannix Dragon Shifters #3) is now available for pre-order!! 
She makes a deal with the enemy…
What could go wrong?
Calla has to protect herself. She doesn’t have a choice. The stupid councilors have dreamed up a bogus assignment, just to send her to Dragon Country… alone… with the expectation she won’t be coming back. But she has a plan: she’ll seduce two dragons before she leaves.

With their scents on her, no other dragon will come near her…

Except the sexy and powerful dragons have different plans. They aren’t interested in pretending. They want to take a mate. Her.


Her shadow fell across the glass door to the private room, drawing his attention from Kolz. The shadow slipped across the floor like a teasing caress as she moved closer. Then he saw her.
The ever-present need to claim her curled through him.

Her usual charcoal business ensembles had been left behind tonight. Instead she wore red. It was the same burgundy hue as his dragon fire. Was that by design or coincidence?

Either way she looked stunning wrapped in his color.

She opened the door. The bellow of music and loud conversations surged into the quiet room for a moment before the door fell closed again on a hush. As she glanced around the room—her gaze jumping from Kolz to him and then over the array of vacant chairs and sofas— her eyes widened as if in surprise. She took a small, but perceptible, step back, toward the door.

Hmm… interesting. What had she expected to find?

“Hello,” she whispered.

“Calla,” Kolz said softly, welcomingly, as he pushed away from the glass wall. “Please, join us.” He waved toward the sofa he’d recently vacated.

A smile flashed briefly over her face as she met Kolz’s gaze, then she wove the thin strap of her tiny satin purse between her fingers. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.”

“We were hoping you would come,” Kolz said.

Then her attention slid to Xander, as if seeking to confirm Kolz’s statement. Her leaf green eyes met on his. They held gazes much longer than what would be considered polite or normal. Her pulse quickened and her scent grew richer, warmer… more enticing.

“I will be leaving tomorrow,” she said quickly. “And I’m sorry about the other day. I know Quick didn’t give you a choice. I get it. Really.”

She licked her lips. It wasn’t a sensual movement meant to seduce him, more of a nervous action, but the why didn’t matter. Just the sight of that glistening pink tip made his body tighten with anticipation.

“And I wanted to check your progress on the missing girls before I go,” she continued, as if unaware of the effect she was having on him.

Kolz frowned. “We haven’t had many answers yet. Quick has been clever. He’s hidden the evidence pretty deep. But we’ll get there.”

“Okay, good…” She nodded.

“Now why don’t you tell us why you are really here?” Xander said.

Her mouth dropped open in surprise, she obviously hadn’t expected him to be direct. When she didn’t answer immediately, he let his face relax into a smile. His gaze held hers for a moment, before he waltzed it down the creamy white expanse of her exposed neck to her shoulders, from there he let it tumble down the plunging neckline of her dress to the enticing mounds of her ample breasts. He meant for his perusal to highlight, without words, that her dress suggested she had something a little different on her mind… and he would be happy to oblige.

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