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Sunday, June 28, 2015

PNR Lovers Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt! #PNRHunt

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It is time for 
The PNR Lovers 
Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt! :)  
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So if you haven't been there yet, go check it out! 
There are fabulous prizes, so be sure to hunt down all of the answers 
between June 29th and July 5th!

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 1 of my novellas in digital format, your choice of which one!
(I'm giving away 10!)

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(Please note this is independent of the 
PNR Lovers Summer Fun Scavenger Hunt,
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Congratulations to the winners of my draw! 

Melissa's name was drawn first, so she receives the Amazon Gift Card and I will be emailing Catherine, Shamona, Cherie, Shai, Christine, Candace, Linda, Jana, Fran and Mary about which of my individual e-books they would like to receive. (So if you've won, check your email!)

Thank you to everyone who participated on the hunt and a special thank you to the organizers, especially Elianne Adams, Elle Thorne and Kristen Strassel!  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wanted By the Wolf ~ It is release day!!!

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Release Date: June 18, 2015!


When her sexy werewolf boyfriend Jeff Kelly tells her that he needs to return to his wolf pack immediately, Kathy Matthews trusts his intuition, so why can't she trust her own? Haunted by a crappy former relationship, she still can't commit to the wonderful man who wants to claim her as his mate and her children as his own. She keeps waiting for something to go wrong and for her heart to be broken all over again. 

Jeff loves Kathy and is determined to do anything to make her feel safe and cherished. He knows he can't rush her and that she isn't ready to offer anyone, even him, her heart yet. Still, he would give anything to have her say she loves him too, just once. 

When they get snowed in at his small hometown, Kathy comes face to face with her worst fears. Jeff is willing to sacrifice everything to protect her and show her she is his one and only, but will it be enough? 

The moonlight was muffled, nearly obliterated, by the incessant glow of the city lights. Still, the weak rays stroked his skin—and his will—more than it had in a long time. Something special was happening. 

His wolf scratched under his skin, begging for release. 

The longer Jeff lay in bed, soaking in the moonlight, the stronger the need to return to Little Lothian prodded at him. 

Beside him, Kathy snuggled nearer, instinctually seeking him even in her sleep. There was never a question that she was the one for him. The way she was drawn to him during the full moon proved it to him time and again. 

If only she believed it too. 

This short, but hot and sexy, 17,500-word novella has explicit sexual content, graphic language and a happy ending. Each A Werewolf's Curse story has its own happy ending, but there is an overarching plot thread that ties all the stories together. The stories happen concurrently over a twenty-four hour period and should be read in order. Wanted By the Wolf is the fourth book in the series. 

Release schedule for A WEREWOLF'S CURSE novellas: 
Protected By the Wolf (April 16, 2015) AMAZON
Saved By the Wolf (May 7, 2015) AMAZON
Seduced By the Wolf (May 28, 2015) AMAZON 
Wanted By the Wolf (June 18, 2015) AMAZON
Pursued By the Wolf (July 9, 2015) AMAZON

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FREE Paranormal Romances!!!

Everyone loves FREE books, right?  

Particularly when they are the kinds of books you love, 
like--oh, I don't know--Paranormal Romances?!?

And you have the chance to win
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For this giveaway, I'm offering Saved By the Wolf
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It is free from June 17 to June 19 to celebrate the release of my latest 
A Werewolf's Curse book, Wanted By the Wolf

Check out all of these shifter books!

(And, PLEASE CHECK the price at the retailer
BEFORE you click buy! 
Just in case there is a glitch and and the book isn't free right now!)


The Werewolf Proposal by Michelle Fox

Controversy by Elle Thorne
Available at Amazon

Alpha Hunted Part 1 of 3 by Jamie Klaire
Available at Amazon 

Purr-fect Match by Bethany Shaw

A Wild Ride (Wolves on the Prowl #1) by Michele Bardsley
Available at Amazon

Saved By the Wolf by Lori Whyte
Available at Amazon

Sergeant At Arms by Crystal Dawn

Beneath the Broken Moon: Part 1 by Sarah Makela
Available at Amazon |

Rayne's Thunder (Part 1) Master Chef by Jami Brumfield
Available at Amazon

Bewere: A Leopards Unleashed Short Story by Dina Haynes
Available at Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo
(The last I saw, this title isn't free yet on Amazon
but it IS free currently at other retailers.)

A Minor Shift by Tabitha Conall

Seducing the Ultimate Shifter by Skye Eagleday
Available at