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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pursued By the Wolf is now available for Pre-Order!!

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Release Date: July 9, 2015!


Having been abandoned as a baby, Lisa Stuart learned long ago that she needed something more than hollow declarations to turn her head and her heart. So why can't the curvy witch remember that when Carson MacGregor is around? The sexy werewolfis the embodiment of temptation and everything that got her mother in trouble all those years ago. 

He thinks she is his mate, but she needs more proof that he is interested in her, and that it isn't just about pheromones and sizzling kisses. Unfortunately, the full moon seems to be messing with her as much as him this month, and she can't seem to keep her hands to herself around the sexy wolf, who she used to call her own. 

Can she risk surrendering to his sweet promises just this once? 

"If you keep looking at me like that, we both know what can happen," he said. 

A blush darkened her skin, but she didn't shake her head or deny anything. Instead, she leaned ever so slightly toward him and her gaze snagged on his mouth. His wolf urged him forward, eager to close the scant distance between them. 

He didn't fight it. 

The moment his mouth covered hers, her arms circled him and pulled him flush against her soft body. Her enticing womanly scent, which was infused with a light floral scent, swept over him. He moaned. He could get lost in her. He stepped forward, moving her the few feet to the wall, needing to feel her hard against his body. But then she pivoted, catching him by surprise. And suddenly it was his back pressed against the cool concrete block and her heat molded to his front. 

But, as much as he wanted to, he didn't rip her clothes from her body. They were in the police station, for God's sakes. Why couldn't this happen somewhere else? Like her house? Or his? 

This wasn't the first kiss they'd ever shared, as much as it felt like it was, and he was determined to make it count. He could wait. Let the moment ripple out around them until they were both begging for more. 

This short, but hot and sexy, 18,000-word novella has explicit sexual content, graphic language and a happy ending. Each A Werewolf's Curse story has its own happy ending, but there is an overarching plot thread that ties all the stories together. The stories happen concurrently over a twenty-four hour period and should be read in order.Pursued By the Wolf is the fifth and final book in the series. 

Release schedule for A WEREWOLF'S CURSE novellas: 
Protected By the Wolf (April 16, 2015) AMAZON
Saved By the Wolf (May 7, 2015) AMAZON
Seduced By the Wolf (May 28, 2015) AMAZON 
Wanted By the Wolf (June 18, 2015) AMAZON
Pursued By the Wolf (July 9, 2015) AMAZON

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