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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Ward Brothers Collection!

The Complete Box Set
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The Ward brothers have had a hot and steamy summer!

These deliciously sexy alpha males each find their happy endings with beautiful, curvy women. 

This box set / bundle is the complete compilation of the four short novellas in the His BBW to Hold series, which were previously published as singles.

Cindy Wilson would do anything for her boss, wealthy real estate mogul Jack Ward, so when he asks her to check on one of his empty houses on her way home, she is happy to assist. She finds the place isn't cleaned as thoroughly as she knows he would want for his open house the next day, so she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. By the end of the evening, she is hot, sticky and unable to resist the temptation of slipping into the property's hot tub.

When Jack arrives at the house and finds Cindy, his sexy plus-sized personal assistant, in the hot tub touching herself and panting his name, he decides to take matters into his own hands...

Plus-sized Jenna Dover has been a live-in physical therapist in Dwight Ward's ranch house for the last two years, ever since a horrible accident killed his wife and left his son paralyzed. With each passing day, she has become increasingly attracted to the wealthy cowboy, so when his son goes on his first weekend away on his own, Jenna wonders how she'll be able to keep her hands to herself. Too bad Dwight isn't interested... Or is he?

When Jenna finds an explicit magazine open to a page where a man is pleasing a naked, curvy woman in ways she'd only dreamed about, she has to wonder if her sexy cowboy is as hot for her as she is for him. What's even more tantalizing, the people in the photo look a lot like her and Dwight.

Could she be spending the weekend in the cowboy's bed?

Curvy elementary school teacher Carry Ellis has lived beside sexy Dan Ward for three years, ever since he moved into a fancy infill house beside the petite wartime one she'd inherited from her aunt. They greet each other every morning and Carry dreams about him every night, but she doubts he even remembers her name. So when Carry's water main breaks and she has to vacate her house during the costly repairs, she is surprised when he offers her his house while he is away on business.

But when Dan returns unexpectedly a week early, Carry doesn't know what to think, particularly when he insists that she stay and sleep in his only bed.

Tempted, she wonders if he'll join her and want to do more than sleep on that big king-sized mattress.

Curvy Sandi Dawson had a crush on bad boy Kyle Ward all through high school. She even offered him her virginity, but then he disappeared from school before anything happened, and she was heartbroken. So, years later, when Sandi is stranded on the side of a road, the last person she expects is Kyle pulling up on his Harley. He is every bit as hot and sexy as he used to be.

When he takes her to a remote cabin in the woods, she quickly realizes she isn't the only one who wants to find out what they missed out on all those years ago. Kyle's rough sex appeal is matched only by his demanding seduction.
These short, but hot and sexy, novellas have explicit sexual content, graphic language, a light spanking scene, anal sex, and (of course!) happy endings. Each His BBW to Hold short novella can be read as a stand-alone story.